Learning Management System

Users of the Audit Answers Student Management System (SMS) can now also add a Learning Management System (LMS) for their own online learning course delivery

Audit Answers’ Users can build their own courses with the easy to use Subject template. Once your course is built, you can enrol students to complete their course ware from their automated student login.

Students will be able to view Text, Pics, Audio and Video and download assessments for completion and submission.

Student progress is tracked and time logged with student support enabled thorough system based email for individuals or a whole cohort of students.

Features include:

Easy to use Subject templates  (Course building, where you can add and format Text, Pics, Video & Audio and Assessments files in Word or PDF)

Build Accredited or Non Accredited Courses (Big or Small)

Create Assessment mapping as you build your courses in the Subject template

Logins for multiple trainers to build and develop their courses

Trainer Profiles and permissions for Course supervision and Trainer assigning

Uploaded assessments from students will trigger notification emails to the assigned trainers

View Student results and email request ‘reworks’ from uploaded student assessments

Mark results in either Accredited Competency decision or Non accredited percentage marks

Marked results allow competency completion in the SMS

Track student progress with date and time logging of access to course components

Review and call up Student assessment records from Archived results.

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