Standards for RTOs 2015

On the 25th June 2014 The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP, Minister for Industry released the revised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Regulator Standards for public consultation.

The Policy overview of the Standards for Training Providers and VET Regulators states that:

” A high quality VET system needs clear and relevant standards against which providers and regulators can be held accountable.  These standards should underpin an effective risk-based regulatory system that ensures the confidence of learners and employers in the integrity of VET qualifications. Clear and relevant standards are also critical in ensuring that providers know what they need to do in order to be compliant and what they can expect from VET regulators”. 

Further submissions will now be received by the VET Reform Taskforce up until the 23rd July after which time the Final version of the ‘Standards for Registered Training Organisations’ will be released.

The expected time for which RTOs must comply with the new Standards has been reported as 1st January 2015.

‘Audit Answers’ is a cloud based RTO Policies Procedures and Student Management System for RTOs.

For more information and an overview of Audit Answers features go to – Audit Answers Features

8 August 2014